Send a message to an IsatPhone

The IsatPhonePro and IsatPhone2 satellite telephones can receive SMS, small email and web messages of up to 160 characters each. The IsatPhone user can reply to your mobile's number via SMS, or to your email address.

When sending messages, an IsatPhone can concatenate up to ten 160 character messages. Therefore a message of up to 1600 characters can be sent from an IsatPhone. Each 160 characters will use 0.5 units of airtime.



To email an IsatPhone, use the without the + sign, for example:

The email message is the first 160 characters in the email body (not the email subject). Your own email address counts as part of of the 160 character allowance.   

*Fair-use policies may apply on free messaging services.


SMS / Text message

To SMS an IsatPhone, use international number format, for example:
+870776410568 or 00870776410568

Your own telephone number counts as part of of the 160 character allowance.



The IsatPhone's SMS messages can be used to send messages to Twitter and you can follow Twitter feeds. To tweet, link your Twitter account at Twitter to your Inmarsat IsatPhone phone number, then send messages via SMS to 898.

This is a great way to keep in touch or to distribute your GPS position to friends (see the GPS Mapping page).

The cost to send a Tweet is the same as your standard SMS charge (i.e. half a unit). Since you can have many followers with Twitter, it is a very cost effective way to communicate.

When this service was launched, users could link their phones to their Twitter accounts on the Twitter website since Inmarsat was listed as a country. Twitter does not support this option currently.  A good work around is to use SMS to link the satellite phone to a Twitter account.

Switch the Zippisat IsatPhone on and register the satphone to the Inmarsat network. Then send START to 898 via SMS. Answer the prompts by replying via SMS. We have successfully registered Zippisat satellite phones using this SMS registration method.

See for an example of how this service was used.


Via Website

You can use this webpage to send a free message to an IsatPhone user. 

*Fair-use policies may apply on free messaging services.



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